Catering Philosophy

     My philosophy regarding catering, cooking, planning events and creating menus come from this place:
     I am passionate about my community, the people who grow the food I use and the way every dish is prepared. My commitment to local, seasonal and when possible, organic foods is clear when you taste my dishes. I prepare everything in-house from bread crumbs to salad dressings.
     I realize that each client is an individual. I want each event I cater to be representative of that client’s style. To some that means traditional, sit-down meal with all the specialties of this region. To others the perfect event may be a casual atmosphere with various small bites passed throughout the night. I will ask you questions to help me envision a format for your event. Once I understand your vision I will move onto menu writing.
      My clients are participants in the process of designing their menus. When writing a menu I take into consideration what is in season and where the event will be held as well as where the food will be prepared. Then, I will ask you thought provoking questions about flavors, regional cuisines and your guests to determine the right combination of flavors for your menu. Maybe you have a family favorite recipe that you’d like me to incorporate into the menu. Perhaps you have spent time abroad and want an ethnic theme for your food. I will assimilate your comments and ideas and come back to you with a menu that represents your vision. I am also sensitive to the needs of vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies. My food is prepared by me so I know what goes into each dish.
      My background is strong in classical French cuisine and I tend to drift back to those solid building blocks when menu designing. Also, I do believe that we “eat” with our eyes first and presentation is important to me. However, I do not believe food should be pretentious and fear invoking. My style should be described as rustic and straight-forward.

"When we no longer have good cooking in the world, we will have no literature, nor high and sharp intelligence, nor friendly gatherings, no social harmony."
Marie-Antoine Carême